Domestic Assistant


Working under the direction of the head of housekeeping and the home manager, the domestic assistant helps to ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness in all parts of the home.

Reporting to:
Head of Housekeeping

Pammi's Story

Pammi joined the organisation in 2018 as a domestic assistant. Before then Pammi, who grew up in Malaysia and Singapore, was a full-time mother to her three boys – Gershwin, Taran and Kurren. They’re now grown up and fully qualified as an accountant, a barrister and an investment banker.

At the home where she works there are domestic assistants on each of the three floors, and she usually works on the first. It’s a busy role. Day to day, she empties the bins, cleans the lounge, dining room, kitchen, nurses’ stations and the main toilets. She then works her way through each of the residents’ rooms, cleaning the floors, carpets and en-suite washrooms. She doesn’t do the beds – these are changed and cleaned by the care staff. As with the other staff, Pammi works shifts, incorporating two Sundays per month.

Pammi finds that one of the most enjoyable aspects of her work is talking to residents. “I talk to the residents while I’m cleaning their room and they show me pictures of when they’re were young. They often make me laugh, too,” she says. “But sometimes I see that they are upset or in a bad mood and I try to comfort them. For me, the role is so much more than just cleaning and walking away.”

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