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The home manager is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running of the home. He/she oversees all departments and ensures that the highest standards of resident care are maintained and that the Registered Authority and regulations are always adhered to. The manager takes responsibility for the wellbeing of residents in accordance with policies and procedures, as well as Canford Healthcare’s philosophy and core values.

Reporting to:
Operations Manager

Victor's Story

Victor Zingoni joined one of our homes as deputy manager in December 2013, having spent the previous eight years managing a smaller, 28-bed facility in a seaside town in Essex. He came to Canford seeking a fresh challenge. He got his wish – challenges galore and a rapid promotion to home manager

Although Victor loves working in residential care, as a fresh young care assistant he initially struggled with the concept. It’s very different in Zimbabwe where he grew up – families tend to stay in the same village and care for each other into old age.

That why, for Victor, the thread of family runs so deeply through the home.

“We see ourselves as our residents’ extended family. They place their lives in our hands, trusting us to deliver the best possible care. For this to work it’s vital that we have open, honest and compassionate dialogue with both residents and their families,” he says.

He adds: “Losing a resident is very hard. As an important part of our family, their loss is disheartening for staff who have built up close relationships with them and their loved ones. Looking on the bright side, though, we love celebrating milestone birthdays. One of our residents will soon reach the grand age of 102 and we’ve got some exciting things planned! For us, it’s a privilege to be in their company and share all their achievements.”

And his secret for being a successful manager? “You need to be able to draw on a close support network from everyone around you, including staff and professionals,” he advises.

Outside work, Victor and wife Jehan are kept on their toes by three young daughters, aged 10, 9 and 6. He enjoys watching cricket (he used to be a fast bowler) and is, by his own admission, a Formula 1 fanatic. He also loves adventure experiences such as balloon rides or speedboat racing.

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