Quality and Training Co-ordinator


As a member of the home’s management team this role plays an important part in the provision of the training and development of staff. The job holder works with the home manager to improve the quality and delivery of service on a continuous basis, and in accordance with the home’s core values and philosophy of care.

Reporting to:
The Home Manager

Sky's Story

Sky began her career in care 15 years ago as receptionist for a physical disability home run by her mum in Eastbourne! She quickly moved onto the care side, working her way up to team leader and completing her NVQ qualifications in Health & Social Care.

Improving quality and standards is an area that has interested Sky for a long time. At her previous nursing home she was a training champion, which sparked the desire to move full time into quality and training. This is how she came to join Canford Healthcare two years ago, and she has since completed her Level 3 award in Education and Training.

“Very few companies have an in-house quality & training role,” she says. “I saw that as the next step in my career.”

Her role is certainly varied. The quality side involves audits, observational supervisions and giving feedback. So, for example, she might observe a carer carrying out a typical activity, such as lifting a resident using hoist. She will rate how they do this, offering feedback and suggestions for improvement. She then designs training plans for staff based on their individual needs, working with them to improve their knowledge and skills. Sky also does night shifts every other week to ensure that night staff are fully up to speed, too.

Sky believes that training people in their preferred way gets the best results. “The three main elements of our training are theory, practical and classroom discussion and debates. However, sitting down in a classroom doesn’t suit everyone, especially carers, who prefer more practical, action-based activities. Some people are also very quiet and don’t like group debates, so I do more 1:1 sessions with them,” she says.

“Being able to get to know the team is one of the advantages of being an in-house trainer. It’s a close family atmosphere here and I really enjoy our sessions,” she adds.

Away from work Sky and wife Leanne, an outdoor education adviser, are proud parents to 11-month-old Daisy. Sky also makes her own all-natural skincare products that are very popular with family and friends.


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